With Letsureuk, it is completely free and there is no pressure to put your property on to the open market.

Prices of properties are ever changing, so it is good practice to keep your valuation of your home correct.

So how much is my house worth?

There are many factors we will consider, these will be made up of size, location, external and internal condition and the general market conditions at the time. We will provide you with details of properties we have successfully sold within a close proximity of your property.

You can also look at different home buying websites which provide the local 'sold' house prices in that area for the previous years. This will need to be measured with the other factors mentioned above before an accurate valuation can be made.

So a local Estate Agent will be able to provide you with the most accurate up-to-date valuation of your homeā€¦.and if you choose Letsureuk it is completely FREE!

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