Landlords from the Start

Landlord's Responsibilities

If you do not have a "Buy to Let" mortgage you must advise your mortgage lender and check that there is no objection or insurance restriction on letting the property.

  • You must advise your buildings and contents insurer of your intentions. Many insurers do not cover let properties but we can arrange specialist policies to give you the protection you need.
  • Refurbishments and safety checks must be made and you should be aware of the legislation that affects let property regarding furnishings, gas, electricity and smoke detectors.
  • You are responsible for providing sufficient keys, installing smoke alarms, notifying your local council (for Council Tax), gas, electricity, oil suppliers and post office etc. of the changes.
  • You are responsible for the general maintenance of the property and contents - the structure and condition of the property, decoration, installations and appliances.
  • If there is a garden, you must provide tools and the tenant is obliged to use them! In a larger property with a special garden it is best to employ a gardener to ensure the best care of precious plants etc. The cost can be built in to the rent.

Where repairs are necessary the tenant will call Letsureuk management Team if we manage the property or, if you have chosen our Let Only or Protected Rent Management options, they will call you.

Our Responsibilities

When everything is ready we will market your property:

  • In the press - paid for and free local publications
  • On the Internet
  • In local awareness campaigns

We will then:

  • Interview and thoroughly reference all applicants
  • Request a Guarantor if necessary and check their details
  • Accompany applicants to view your property

If you opt for full management we can:

  • provide a professionally drafted Tenancy Agreement
  • take a full Inventory and Schedule of Condition
  • take and hold a substantial deposit to cover any possible loss or damage
  • make regular visits to the property and report to you

The Tenant's Responsibilities

The tenant has the right to live in the property so reasonable wear and tear must be taken into account.
However, the tenant is also responsible for:

  • Paying the rent
  • Taking care of the property and keeping it clean
  • Insuring their own possessions
  • Allowing as is reasonably necessary access to the property for inspections

For landlords with multiple properties please contact for preferential rates

Landlords Checklist

We ask all Landlords to seek advice regarding the following in respect of their property and prior to letting it out.


We would recommend that you inform your building and contents insurers of the proposed letting at an early stage to ensure that cover for the property is not prejudiced in any way. Failure to inform your insurance company may result in the company refusing to meet any claim made.

Mortgage Lender

If your property is mortgaged, you will require approval from your Building Society or Lender before you let your property. In most cases consent is given readily but it is wise to seek this consent as early as possible to avoid any undue delays.

Leasehold Property

We would also recommend that you check with your Solicitor to confirm if your lease contains a covenant forbidding the letting of your property. In addition your freeholder should be notified of the proposed letting.

Gas Safety

Gas regulations first came into effect 31st October 1994 to ensure that gas appliances are properly installed and maintained in a safe condition so as to avoid the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is the responsibility of landlords to ensure that ALL gas appliances and gas installation pipe work owned by them are checked for safety at lease once a year by British Gas or a member of the Council for Registered Gas Installers (GasSafe). In addition accurate records of the safety inspections and any work carried out must kept by the landlord or their agent. The current safety certificate must always be available for any tenant prior to them taking occupation of a property. We can arrange for this test to be carried out on your behalf by one of our recommended engineers... You will of course be responsible for the cost incurred.

Electrical Safety

Electrical regulations impose an obligation on a landlord to ensure that all electrical appliances left as part of a rental property are safe. Cabling fuses and plugs should also be inspected and replaced where necessary. We would suggest you get an electrical safety check done before renting out your property to stay in line with new regulations.

Fire Regulations

With effect from 1st March 1993, all upholstered furniture in rented accommodation must comply with the fire resistance requirements of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended). Furniture made before 1st January 1950 is excluded from these controls. Bedclothes, carpets, curtains, and pillowcases are also excluded. Each piece of furniture that complies with these regulations (except beds and mattresses) should have a rectangular label permanently attached to it with the heading "CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRE". If the furniture does not have this label or was made before 1988 it will probably not comply with these regulations. Failure to comply with the Furniture and


Regulations may constitute a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Smoke Alarms

The 1991 Building Regulations require that all properties built since June 1992 must be fitted with mains operated interlinked smoke detectors/alarms on each floor. Such regulations regarding older properties do not exist but we strongly recommend that smoke alarms are fitted in all let properties and are regularly checked.

Energy Performance Certificates

It is a landlord’s legal requirement to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their property. Each certificate is valid for 10 years and they are required on a new tenancy commencing on or after 1 October 2008. Before Letsureuk can commence marketing of your property, we will need to obtain an EPC to kept on file. This can either be provided by the landlord, or we can arrange for one to be carried out on behalf of the landlord.

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